inspiration for thanksgiving

i am beyond thrilled to be hosting thanksgiving at our new home this year. beyond. thrilled. every and anyone is welcome and i do hope we have a large turnout. seriously people, if you don’t have family close by, if want to pretend your family isn’t close by, if you don’t want to clean, or don’t want to cook you are all welcome.

there will be plenty of food. good food. food for people with food allergies and food for people without. probably food you won’t be able to tell which is which.

this all means plenty of dishes.

as i am sitting here making my list (it is all the energy i can muster up) i found this picture.

i think it is perfect and once i am better i will be off to find the perfect (hopefully free) chair, some black paint, a paint brush, and a galvanized bucket.

i refuse to spend one moment cleaning when i can be enjoying people. enjoying and feeling grateful for the people in our lives and the people that make the trip to share our first thanksgiving in our new home with us. we are blessed and very thankful.

yes the dishes can wait. (in an adorable bucket sitting on a chair in the corner)


please, note also, the mason jars as drinking glasses.... LOVE.