our first county fair

it is october. fair season has started and the husband and i couldn’t be more excited. this is our favorite time of year. the smells, the food, the sights, the people watching, the food, the music, the animals, and the food. we love the fair. this year we went to our county fair. this was all new to us because we moved a couple counties west. we were very excited and we were not disappointed. the entertainment level was definitely high.

we arrived in time for the 6 contestant pageant. 3 in the little miss and 3 in the miss teen. talent ranged from piano playing to singing to reading a poem about cremation. yep that is right. cremation.

the look on the youngest contestant in the middle when the other girl won the prize was just priceless.

some were not as entertained as we were.

then there was the ice cream churn off. several contestants brought their homemade ice cream varieties and we all sampled. we put money in the jars of the ones we like the best. chocolate ambrosia was hands down the winner for us.

then there was wrestling. i thought it was going to be real. the husband laughed at me. needless to say it was not real. it was entertaining though.

all in all the county fair was charming and definitely a good time on a saturday night. but now i am even more ready for the state fair in a couple of weeks.