part 2, what i did with those apple peels

the story first:
i called my granny for a chat while i peeled and cored my apples for apple butter. i put her on speaker phone and told her i needed company because it was a tedious process. she quickly asked what i was going to do with the apple peels and core. proudly i responded that i was going to compost them. she didn’t completely understand what composting was so i explained. again, proudly because i thought i wasn’t being wasteful. after learning about composting she sat for a minute without saying anything. and then she let if fly. talking about the differences between her generation and mine. how her generation couldn’t afford to waste anything and mine wastes so much but think we are saving the earth. lesson learned granny. she told me that she would make apple peel jelly from my “compost scraps.” i had never heard of such a think but quickly got a recipe and got to work.

making apple peel jelly:

step 1: make the apple juice

boil the apple peels and cores with water and leftover apple cider from the apple butter if you have any. i added enough water so when i pushed down on the peels i could see it, and boiled. i let that simmer on low for over 3 hours once it got to a boil. i just left it there all afternoon while i was processing the apple butter jars. then i took a colander over a large bowl and pushed all the juice out of the peels and cores. i ended up with 8 cups of liquid.

step 2: the actual jelly recipe

i then used the apple juice for this recipe:

4 cups apple juice
2 Tbs lemon juice
3 cups granulated sugar

prepare lids and jars using the same technique as the apple butter.

bring juice and lemon juice to a boil and add in sugar, stirring until dissolved.

step 3: season the jelly – optional as in i forgot to do this but the finished jelly still tastes yummy!

for apple pie flavor add in: 1 tea cinnamon and 1/2 tea nutmeg

for apple dider flavor add in: 1 tbs whole allspice, zest of one orange, 1/4 tea cinnamon, 1 tea whole cloves (strain out at the end)

step 4: cooking and canning

boil hard, stirring frequently, until mixture begins to sheet from a metal spoon. you should not need any added pectin for this recipe. the natural pectin in the apple peels will work fine.

pour into prepared jars leaving 1/4 inch head space.

process jars for 10 minutes in rolling boil. remove jars and cool.

update: my jelly was a bit too liquid for me to be happy with it. i don’t want to reprocess the jelly because i read it will remove some of the flavor. it is super yummy so i am going to order some syrup jars and give it as apple peel syrup. i know exactly where i went wrong, i only boiled for an hour and you should definitely go longer. it was late and the husband and i wanted to go to bed so i just rushed that part. oops! do you think the syrup is a good idea or should i just scratch the whole batch?


apple syrup sounds great to me. yum!!!