pickle winners!

i didn’t explain last time how i got the numbers so i thought i would do so now. the numbers are the order in which you commented or emailed me. when you receive additional entries (blogging, etc.) those are added when you comment or email me alerting me of your link. make sense?

so the pickle winners are ….

#10 the robinsons! last minute commenting does apparently pay off and i am super glad i sent out the reminder yesterday. congrats laura!! send me an email letting me know how you want me to get you your pickles.

#4 gindy! i am not going to lie, i am a bit grossed out at the thought of these delicious pickles being eaten with cake but they are your pickles now. i hope you enjoy! email me and let me know how you want me to get you your pickles.

bonus winner goes to the lady that inspired this giveaway … shannon! she went above and beyond to win a jar and i couldn’t believe it when the random generator thingy didn’t pull her multiple entries. since this was all her idea, a jar to her! shannon, send me an email and let me know your address.

i hope you all enjoy your pickles and please let me know if you do (maybe not if you don’t) :) .


Yeah! Thanks for the sympathy vote--I'll take it! :)