recovery mode

i am in recovery mode this afternoon after dental surgery. i have not been to the dentist in twenty years. no, not a typo. i went on monday for an exam and a “treatment plan.” good news is i absolutely love my new dentist. she is amazing and i really do love her. i spent 2 1/2 hours this morning with her drilling into my tooth and i still love her, so yeah she is amazing. i am so very sore and will continue to be so. today was the worst of what i have ahead of me in terms of my “treatment plan” so i am feeling confident that since i survived today i can survive anything.

here is a glimpse into our home this afternoon after dental surgery. i think we are all in recovery mode.

i included extra pictures of milo because he has been missed by a very important reader. one who is moving back to the capital city today. i am beyond excited to have her and her family back!!

and me in my craft room working on etsy orders.

i would like to thank my new dentist and dental assistant for spending 2 1/2 hours telling me how proud they were of me and how great i was doing … and then apologizing for “beating me up.” i would also like to thank coldplay for providing an amazing concert that i was reliving during my coldplay playlist on my ipod during the surgery. i survived. now back to bed.

The Robinsons
The Robinsons

I need the name of that dentist. I boycott dentists, ugh. One time I went to one of those "no fear, no pain" dentists. HA. that was a joke. very scary, very painful.Thanks for the Milo post. I was afraid he ran away and you were avoiding that topic on the blog. Good to know he is safe and sound. MUST get together soon now that we are BACK!