where is milo? and an etsy update

my dear sweet cat loving friend laura mentioned yesterday that there seemed to be more pictures of late featuring sam and milo is missing in action. i take all feedback seriously and had planned on compiling a milo montage for all my cat lovers out there.

but you see here is the problem.

it is now almost 5pm and milo has yet to show himself. i think as much as we all love it out here, he loves it more. he is never far which is a huge relief to me as i was so worried when we first moved out into the ‘country.’ but he hardly spends the days inside because we insist he isn’t out at night. he seems perfectly content with these arrangements. so right now he is sitting on the back porch. in a comfy chair all curled up.

now for an etsy update … i have a new item to introduce just in time for the colder weather. oh yeah and the swine flu. for all those sniffling noses you shouldn’t have to carry around tissues without cuteness. (i think anyway) …

a personalized felt travel tissue holder. i am working on several designs but was so excited with the first one i couldn’t wait to share.

i was thinking for kids that are in school and carrying around backpacks this would be a cute way to button onto a strap.

what do you all think?

The Robinsons
The Robinsons

SO CUTE! and thanks for the Milo attempt. I am glad my feedback was taken into consideration. I take these things very seriously ;)oh and in regards to your "lounge wear"...at least you were running in that sports bra...my largest physical activity was bending over to pick up some toys haha.


these are sooooo cute!!! Austen is sick and will be home tomorrow, I need to get one soon.