why i should live in maine

i love cold weather. the colder the better. rainy, windy. i can go on and on about snow. another post on another day perhaps. i am pretty sure the people closest to me (i.e. my husband) would agree that i am a different person when i am cold. i love fires. i love snuggling under a handmade quilt. i love cooking fall/winter foods. i love fuzzy socks. i love boots. i love scarves.

i have even found a passion for running in the cold rain. it is amazing. i highly recommend trying it.

i have a very full kitchen today with lots of different stuff going on. i thought i would share. it is what i do. i love your feedback and i am so thankful for all the positive response i have received with the start of my etsy shop.

seriously thank you all.

this is what i am doing on this rainy cold day.

making more apple butter and apple peel jelly. (good news! my apple peel jelly turned into actual jelly after all. yippee!) starting the slow cooker beef stew for dinner tonight. and out of picture are the homemade biscuits per my husbands request after hearing the news of the jelly. he is my quality assurance guy.


How long do you cook your apple butter? The consistency didn't seem quite right when I tried it. It's still yummy though!

The Robinsons
The Robinsons

I agree on ALL those points...minus the running in the rain thing...or running...ever...not quite there yet. I wish I was there to hang out with you and your handmade quilts and fires!PS. I am going to advocate for Milo. There have been far too many pictures of Sam lately and Milo is feeling a little stiffed. Just speaking up for all the cat lovers out there.