a birthday celebration

friday night we celebrated my granny’s 88th birthday and my mother’s birthday. she may be upset if i mention her age so i will just leave it to your imagination. it was a wonderful time spent with family laughing and retelling stories that have been told so many times before.

i was responsible for dessert. i made a cherry cheesecake. my brother and granny’s favorite and my mother’s request. it was my first made from scratch cheesecake and it was super yummy. i used my canned black cherries as a topping and they turned out great. i also attempted a fruit tart using the last of the lemon curd i made last summer. the best compliment was when i noticed there wasn’t a lot left by the end of the night!

for my granny’s gift i pulled together an assortment of my canned goodies. apple cider butter, apple pie jelly, plain apple jelly, strawberry banana jam, bread and butter pickles, and cherry pie filling. i also made some biscuits for her for when she was ready to sample my jams and jellies. it filled up the basket i found. i also included a handmade red (her favorite color) peony felt flower.

happy birthday ladies!!