i love …

triple coupon time: today using the tried and true grocery game list my total price was $313. i paid out of pocket $129. a savings of $184. so yes. i love triple coupon time.

etsy: thank you to all who have supported me both with kind words and actual orders!! i love sewing and now it isn’t just a hobby. when i say i need to go sew to the husband, i really do mean i have orders that i need to work on. here is the pillow i am working on for a sweet little girl.

reminder … if you want to get orders by christmas please go ahead and let me know.

game night: tonight we are hanging out with friends having game night. our friends are cooking and i am bringing a dessert. good competition and good friends. a great way to spend a friday night.

ultimate turtle cookie bars. i added the world ultimate because ultimately these must be burned off during my saturday morning running group session.

new clothes
: i just ordered some winter essentials. essentials like long sleeve running shirts. i never had a need for those before. essentials like pants in a smaller size. essentials like running pants in a smaller size. do you see why i am loving my new clothes! they are all smaller sizes!!

my husband: just because. i couldn’t have a list of loves without putting him on it. he is pretty wonderful and makes my world tremendously happy.