i’m thankful for … a 3rd year with sam

today is sam’s birthday. he turns 3 but to me he is still my puppy. i am so thankful for this dog. he seriously is the best companion i could ever ask for in a dog. he follows me around each day. cuddles when i need to cuddle. plays when i need to play. if you are a long time reader of this blog, you know how deep my love for this dog goes.

first day in his new home.

loving to take baths. here was his first bath.

loving to travel. no matter where.

loving water.

not able to read signs. if you notice, he didn’t respect the vegetation on the other side of the rope. he, in fact, up rooted it. sorry nc ranger service.

loving his daddy.

nobody knows how to relax better.

loving to help mommy out with anything. even her makeup.

loving his new home.

happy birthday sam.