i’m thankful for … my dining room

our dining room will hold the very special and wonderful 17 people that are coming this way on thursday. last night we arranged, then rearranged, and rearranged one more time to find the perfect way to fit all of us in one room.

my family has never fit in one room before. i cried. it was probably from the exhaustion of having my insides ripped from my body or my body attacking itself for the last 40 hours or the hormones of being female. but i am going with the idea that i cried because i am so very happy and tremendously thankful to have a home where people are comfortable, where family wants to make the drive without complaint, where we all fit in one room, together.

it is going to be loud. it may be a fire hazard. but we will all be there.

i would also like to remind our family and friends in the area that we can make room for more. please join us if you want. the more the better in my eyes. there will be plenty of laughter and food to go around. there is even going to be door prizes. just send me an email and let me know.

i can’t wait to share how i am decorating.