i’m thankful for … my husband

i am slowly regaining my energy and strength back. i have never had a reaction to gluten as i did sunday evening. i am so thankful to be feeling better. i am so thankful to have thursday to look forward too. i am so excited and that excitement has helped me to feel better.

one by one items are being marked off the to-do list. my brother’s cherry cheesecake, check. arranging tables, check. decorating tables, check.

i am not sure why but with each family gathering at our home i get more and more relaxed about the preparation leading up to the day. things will get done and if they don’t, people will still enjoy themselves. perfection is no longer the goal. sanity and enjoyment is.

the person that has helped me get to the point has been my husband. this week especially, he has calmed me down when i got a little worried, he has had a “mark one thing off each night” attitude, and he has been pushing the pedialyte like a paid spokesperson. i am so thankful for my husband for so many reasons, but today these are the standouts.

for the table decorating, being cheap and using things i had at home were my theme and inspiration. we wanted to cover our tables so originally i was going to make table cloths. then etsy orders started coming in and they took a priority. i decided wrapping in craft paper would be fun and functional. i set out crayons and colored pencils on each table. i can only imagine the messages and pictures that will be left at the end of the night! some turkeys have names on them, the kids and ours, the others are for our guests to sit and find a turkey that they like best. my idea is for on the feathers for us to write something we are thankful for for that person. for example, on dylan’s turkey i would write “i am thankful he is such a good kisser!”

i have some other activities planned for the kids, including using fabric markers to decorate a t-shirt. i am so excited! now i am off to make some mac and cheese, a pie, and stuffing.