i’m thankful for … this friday

my friend from high school shannon has started her posts with “i’m thankful for …” and i love the idea. i am going to follow her lead and start my posts with things i am thankful for. i am tremendously blessed. this is a great way to acknowledge those blessing each day.

i’m thankful for this friday. why this friday? well, it is the last friday before holiday gatherings and parties and traveling and not making everyone happy. on this friday i am thankful for the quiet. the sun is shining. it is a good friday.

lots of progress is being made on my etsy orders. today is the last day to order, so if you are a fellow procrastinator like myself then this is your last reminder! 2 orders were completed yesterday. i started on my first of 4 monograms last night during our thursday night comedy.

today i am designing an order and i am excited about creating a new design from scratch. i love the creative process. this is what i have come up with. it is a family tree. each leaf is a member of the family. what do you think?

while i am sketching away my boys are enjoying the sun and the comforts of our home.

sam doing his thing. no he isn’t suppose to be on this bed. i am okay with this bad behavior. there are bigger battles to worry about it. this isn’t one of them.

milo doing his thing. every time i have walked past the porch he has been in a different spot. my guess is he has been following the sun. such a smart little guy.

i learned that he is officially a senior during our vet visit this week. 7 years old or 56 in kitty years. it is so hard to believe. here he is the first day we brought him home 7 years ago. wow. my little boy.

i have never been a cat person. but i am a milo person. he is seriously a cool cat. i haven’t met a cat like him so my statement remains true. i am not a cat person, just a milo person.


Thanks, Kelsi! I'm doing those blog posts until Thanksgiving. I could do them all of the time, though. We have so much to be thankful for. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!