more adventures in canning

i love canning. i am addicted. today i canned cherries. over the summer i bought a ton of black cherries when they were drastically on sale. i pitted and froze them for the time when i knew what i wanted to do with them. today was the day.

cherry pie filling.

who knew all the applications of cherry pie filling. you can use it to top cheesecake. over vanilla ice cream. mixed with chocolate cake mix to make a black forest cake. mixed with yogurt. over oatmeal even. oh the possibilities.

email me if you are interested in the recipe/technique used. it was REALLY easy compared to the apple peel jelly. i think i am done canning for this year. i have learned a lot and can’t wait until next spring/summer.

i have learned that pie filling is tremendously easy. pickles are the easiest but pie filling is pretty simple. chunky jams and apple butter are second in terms of simplicity. and jellies. well those proved to be quite tricky.

on a completely different side note i was healthy enough to go back to my running group last night. oh this weather! it makes it so nice to be outside and exercise. seriously people. the less sweat the better. i finished 2 miles in a great time by running 3 mins and walking 2. on saturday our trek is 2.75 miles. it feels great to be participating and meeting great supporters and motivators.

back to the craft room. wait, laundry is calling.