november, really?!

here we are, staring november right in the eye. can you believe it is november 3rd already? am i the only one giving november dirty looks? i mean seriously November … how did you sneak up on me like this? i love fall and i love winter but doesn’t seem to be flying by? did you, yes you the month of november, just trample over september and october to rub your impending holiday spirit in my face?

that being said i am super in love with the holidays. last thanksgiving and christmas we were not able to decorate or relax at all because we were so busy moving our lives into storage, getting our house ready to sell on the market, and looking for a new home. it was hectic to say the least. oh and i was in grad school and on major hormones. wow! can you imagine the fun times we were having? does anyone else feel sorry for my husband? all i can say is what a difference a year makes!

i have several etsy orders that i am working on this week that are going out next and many, many christmas gifts to make. the holiday push to get handmade items ready is on and i LOVE it! it really is a rush!

now, important news. very serious. no smiling. just kidding! i am jumping for joy at the new find we found this weekend. it has been several months since i have been to a whole foods and this weekend we were completely amazed at all the gluten-free foods available. i allowed myself one item. so from the cupcakes, french toast, frozen pizza, breads, and more i chose …

ice cream sandwiches!!! can you believe it?! gluten-free ice cream sandwiches. it has been three long years since i have had one of the most simple pleasures in this world. last night i had my first one.

o.m.g. it was amazing.

amazingly delicious. i hope you all do something or enjoy something amazingly delicious today.


I noticed they now have gluten free graham crackers at CH whole foods. A whole host of things you can do with those from pie crust to smores.