weekend festivities

after this weekend i have come to terms with my new identity. i am an old home-body. i love being at home. i don’t like to leave. the leaves are colorful. it is so quiet. no traffic. no neighbors. just me and my loves. why would i want to leave?

i am old because of what we do when we are at home. canning. i love it. i just received the “ball complete book of home preserving” and my list for things i want to can has grown by oh about 400 recipes. next summer look out. i have big plans.

on saturday night instead of dressing up and going out to parties, we canned the last of our garden tomatoes. all i have to say is this, “who knew tomatoes had so much water in them?” i sterilized 4 quart jars and 6 pints. this is the amount of tomatoes that i started with. those of you that have canned before know where this is going.

well this is what i ended up with. 1 and a little over half pints of tomato sauce. albeit is will be the best tomato sauce ever. no, i haven’t tried it yet. but i have confidence.

on this sunday the husband is napping upstairs. i am blogging and gearing up for cherry pie filling canning fun. mister milo is rested upon one of my favorite quilts that dylan’s grandma made for us.

and sam is at my feet. all is right with the world. even if i am an old home-body.


Ah, a quilt. Quilting is one domestic art I've always been itching to try someday. Do you quilt?

The Robinsons
The Robinsons

Thanks for the Milo pictures.and maybe Grace Elizabeth and I can come visit you at the ole homestead sometime soon, while your leaves are still pretty.