2009 fudge recipe

each year (well, i started last year) i make fudge. i am going to try to make a different type each year. last year, peppermint fudge. it was so yummy! i was a great taste tester and this year i didn’t want to eat any fudge. so i knew i would need to add cookies, or something completely full of gluten.

i came up with my version of cookies and cream fudge. my holiday gift to you … the recipe!

12oz semi-sweet or milk chocolate morsels
12oz white chocolate morsels
12-14 oreo cookies

1. melt milk chocolate and white chocolate separately on low heat, stirring constantly.
2. crush oreos and divide into three piles.
3. add one pile of crushed oreos into milk chocolate and another pile into the white chocolate.
4. on a baking sheet lined with wax paper, drop milk chocolate sporadically, leaving holes. then fill in the holes with the white chocolate.
5. take a knife and swirl away. this part was the most fun!
6. pour remaining oreos on top.

allow to cool on the counter or in the refrigerator. then break apart and eat, gift, savor, etc.

i am planning on savoring every moment of the next two weeks. we are expecting snow. i am so excited! and even if we don’t get snow, my husband is on vacation and having him home with me will be just perfect. life is really good.

i will be back here next year, and i can’t wait to see what 2010 will be like.

see you all then.