a new item and a new giveaway

all holiday orders have been finished and shipped. with my adrenaline pumping i am working on christmas gifts for our own family and friends. but i am also thinking ahead to january when i stock my etsy shop with some new items.

i wanted to host one more giveaway, the last of 2009, as a thank you for everyone that has purchased something from me, supported me with encouragement and kind words, given me invaluable feedback, and for you all that are just interested and wish me well. thank you!

this giveaway is for my new beaded circle flowers. i think they are super cute and i hope you all do too! they can be customized for wearing as a brooch/pin or in your hair with a hair clip. the hair clip can also be attached to a head band. you see, i am a simple girl and i love items that can do more than one thing.

to be entered in the random drawing on friday, leave me a comment here or on my “kelsi creates” fan page on facebook telling me what you really, really want for the holidays this year.

(i am crossing my fingers for snow, lots and lots of snow!)