baby its cold outside

hurry up. come inside. it is cold out there!

saturday night was spent curled up next to my husband with hot chocolate in our hands and a fire going. the tree was lit. decorations finished. we are quite happy here. really happy.

we spent time thinking about what our expectations were going to be for this christmas. there was a moment of sadness but then we looked at each other and all the amazing blessings that surround us and we could no longer be sad.

the most valuable lesson learned this year, aside from clomid makes women crazy, is expectations and “plans” don’t always turn out they way you want them to. but reality, oh that reality, can be pretty nice. i wouldn’t have traded saturday night for anything. i was completely happy. in the moment. we stopped thinking about what we thought was suppose to be, or what we wanted this christmas to be, and we just were. just happy. together. the two of us.

yes, i decorated the downstairs bathroom. don’t hate.

foyer decor. aside from the tree, this is my favorite part of the house. when we walk up/down the stairs you can spell the pine from the wreath.

at night they have white lights that light up. so pretty.

the following is a picture that clearly shows the walls i have painted and the ones i haven’t. next year there will be no pinkish walls! can you see our milo at the top of the stairs? sam is always aware of where milo is.

my boy. i heart this dog. especially because he is laying on my toes right now keeping them warm.

and those holiday etsy orders. coming along nicely. i have 3 more pillows to finish up and send off this week. everyone will have their gifts by christmas. i can’t wait to hear feedback and hopefully see pictures. i have enjoyed making all the items and i do hope they are loved!