holiday hiatus!

this blog is fun for me. it has been. it will be again. but lately i have felt like i “need” to blog something, not “i can’t wait” to blog about this. so it is time for a holiday hiatus! there is a lot of exciting things going on and i don’t want to get into the holiday rush (i.e. stress) of trying to fit everything in. so this little blog will be on hiatus until after the holidays. unless something thrilling happens and i get that “i can’t wait” to blog this feeling and i may post some pictures here and there just for fun.

some of the exciting things we are up while not blogging:

- both of us joined a new gym. we are in the honeymoon phase and love it. working out together is a new thing for us and we are really enjoying the extra time spent one on one with each other. we have enough of competitive spirit to push each other but know each other well enough to know when to transition into supporting one another. it really is a great time to be with each other. the new gym has an indoor pool, hot tub and an indoor track along with all the other typical gym equipment.

we have started a schedule of going every evening for about 2 hours. once i am done with holiday etsy orders i will start some classes in the mornings. it is taking up a lot of time but is so well worth it. swimming at night is a lot of fun!

- along the lines of fitness, i have signed up to run a half marathon on march 27th in raleigh. seriously. 13.1 miles. my running mentor is enthusiastic and energetic and has enough confidence for the both of us, which is exactly what i need because i am not at all sure i can do this. but i want to do it. i am willing to put in the time and work. i just am not at the point where i am believing in myself yet. i will get there. she has a calendar with my miles set up for me. i have started reading the book that inspired her to run marathons called, “marathons for mortals.” so mark your calendars!

- etsy orders! i am beyond thrilled with my little etsy shop and the feedback from you all. i have started mailing packages out and can’t wait to hear back. i have some ideas for next season when my shop reopens in january. i have big ideas in terms of teaching small classes and doing birthday parties. i am working with a creative lady on my business logo and other marketing tools. it is just amazing how this little dream of mine is taking off.

- birthday celebrations! we have a lot of very important birthdays in the month of december. we are having a huge open house/new years eve/birthday party for my husband party this year. essentially, i only want to clean the house once so i love when i can combine celebrations! it will be a blast!

- traveling! we are planning a little vacation to our favorite place. yes, can you tell i really enjoy spending time with my husband?! we do fancy each other.

so that is it! a very busy month and a blog holiday hiatus!

i hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your families and friends.