a recap of 2009

highlights from 2009.

a huge celebration on “snowbama” day. watching the inauguration of president obama between snowball fights, sledding, and enjoying what would be our last snow in our old home.

getting our home ready to put on the rocky real estate market.

i turned 28. not feeling much older or wiser. instead just muddling through finding the balance of hormones due to clomid, buying/selling a home (click here to remember our buying/selling experience), final semester of graduate school, and being a wife.

we moved into our new home in the country. we couldn’t be happier. we love that people have a hard time finding us. we love that our cell phones don’t work when we are at home. we love sitting our our back porch listening to the river and talking/cuddling. we have lots of dreams that revolve around this house and our property. it will be fun to see which ones come true.

my little brother gets married. his wife makes him laugh and i love seeing their relationship grow. it is hard seeing your little brother become an adult. it is weird but amazing at the same time. seeing him become who he is versus the little boy you remember growing up.

i officially have my masters degree! three very important and well deserved letters follow my name, MSW. i couldn’t be more proud of myself and thankful for my amazingly supportive husband.

i stepped on a scale and smiled. this was the month i decided to put my health as my number one priority. i got a personal trainer. i worked my ass off. i lost weight. i plateaued. i kept working my ass off. we decided to stop with the hormones. i said goodbye to clomid and hello to my life again. if you read this blog you are well aware of our infertility struggles. our miscarriages. our tremendous disappointment. we decided in june to take a break. to breathe. to enjoy each other and live in the moment without expectations. my health is number one right now. babies will come later.

we started a garden. we still have a lot of learn.

our first harvest.

i am embracing being at home and living a more simple life. learning how to make my own bread took many, many fails before i figured it out.

i feel in love with our neighborhood deer. subsequently, i got in trouble for feeding them.

i took a road trip sans the husband and pup to tennessee to visit family. i love rhea acres and am ready for another trip already. oh how i love this dog.

we celebrated another wedding anniversary. i just keep waiting for the happiness bubble to pop and will be just fine waiting for the rest of my life. each year we just seem to be evolving into a more cohesive pair. we respect and appreciate each other as individuals and as partners. our anniversary gift was a coldplay concert with friends.

our garden was actually producing vegetable fit for dinners.

a craft room was revealed.

i lost three friends this month. to say it was a difficult month wouldn’t be doing it justice. i decided to make a bucket list. and crossed off my first item. to eat a banana split at s & t’s soda shoppe.

the weather was perfect for some outdoor sewing.

we have a newly painted red door.

we went to our first county fair.

i canned lots and lots of apple from my almost apple picking trip with friends. i have discovered that i love canning and will do lots and lots more.

milo in his favorite spot.

i pulled together enough confidence to open up an etsy shop. “kelsi creates” made is debut this month.

our first thanksgiving in our new home. so much laughter. i love my family.

my first etsy order completed.

i enjoyed my first gluten free ice cream sandwich. yes, it was so good it made the highlights for the year.

our first christmas tree in our home. it is still up. i can’t part with it quite yet.

a snowy asheville birthday/christmas trip.

a new year’s eve party.


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