a walk in OUR woods

i have gotten comfortable with where we live. that sounds silly considering i have never visited 4 of our 5+ acres. you see, they are in the woods. behind our house. i love looking at the woods from the back porch. so peaceful. i love seeing the deer. the hawks. i love seeing other things in the woods. not me. no interest. my sweet, adoring husband said enough was enough. he was taking me into the woods for a walk.

saturday morning was the day. i, of course, brought sam. milo decided he would stay inside. the woods is nothing he hasn’t seen. we left he curled up in his little house in the “man room.” i think he is the smartest of the bunch of us sometimes.

we bundled up. i put on my newly purchased muck boots. (my rationalization, a person who owns chickens and goats can’t be walking around in sneakers. somehow that rationalization worked on my dear husband.) i brought my camera. i wanted to document the unknown.

honestly, i had just a lovely time. it wasn’t scary. i think the 20 degree nights we have been having has killed off most things that scare me. if not, don’t burst my bubble. we walked. and talked. held hands. made an infinite number of plans. goats, chicken, pigs, mountain bike course, etc.

we also did a lot of yelling for sam to get out of the creek. seriously. it was 30 degrees and he wants to go for a swim.

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend. one that made you laugh as much as i did.