foyer decor

my aunt and uncle own a couple of antique shops. i haven’t visited them. the shops. nope. my aunt and i are too much alike. i will buy everything in the store(s) which will result in my husband leaving me. and i like my husband. he is a good kisser. and he is super sweet to me. so no, i haven’t been to any of their antique shops.

but my mother has. she does my dirty work. you see, i mentioned that i was looking for a church bench for this space in our foyer. my aunt and uncle immediately told me they had the perfect one for me. nope. i can’t. i won’t. but my mother. she could. and she did. for christmas this year we were given this gem. it is one of a kind and beautiful. i love it more each time i walk past it. i am designing some throw pillows that will hopefully tie together new and old.

i think it looks great with the hand painted artwork that my husband’s grandmother gave to us. she took a photograph from the church where we got married and presented us with this for our wedding gift. i just love talented people. especially when they are in our family!

oh whats that? you were asking about the fabric on the bench? i went into raleigh yesterday to visit friends. i stopped by the college i worked at last year. it was amazing to see everyone. i really do miss them. then i went to a dinner/baby shower for another friend that i used to work with. all of these ladies, every single one of them are amazing. i am so lucky to have their support, love, and friendship in my life. it is seriously good for my soul to see them. my heart is still full from spending the day with them yesterday.

between visits i stopped by my favorite fabric store to stock up. i hate the fabric stores where we now live. :( but seriously, aren’t these fabrics just delicious!

and, of course, sam heard me taking pictures so he wanted to join in. gosh i love him. i am pretty sure we missed each other yesterday. well, i know i did.