holding a little bit closer

i was thinking of my exciting shop updates when i really watched the news. i had heard about the earthquake but didn’t pay that much attention when it first happened. i know that sounds awful but it is the truth. the ugly truth really. i was at the gym and was so preoccupied with my incline and miles done and miles to go that i just kept on listening to my glee soundtrack and just watched the news on the television here and there. i was so involved with myself that i didn’t take the time to really see what was going on in the world around me.

needless to say, i have payed more attention and really i don’t have anything profound to say, we are all feeling the same despair and sorrow. i can’t seem to escape the thought of children separated from their parents, parents separated from their children, husband separated from their wives and wives separated from their husbands , trapped, scared, or worse. it’s all just too much. a shop update just didn’t seem appropriate.

today, tomorrow, and for many, many days to come, i know we will all be offering our meditation, our prayers, our quiet drive home from work, our thoughtful runs around town … offering it all with every bit of love we have to each soul who is hurting and suffering, in Haiti, and every corner of the world.

these moments define for us how fragile it all really is. because although we hear it all the time, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not guaranteed, all we have is today.

here is a link for several reputable ways to donate and help.

i think we are all holding our own loved ones a little closer as well.