reluctantly, my 2010 resolutions

one minute i am against making resolutions and then another i am starting my list and getting excited about them. i am making the plunge. i am putting my resolutions on paper (via my blog) and i will most definitely try to mark them off my list.

this year, i will try to not let things go bad in the refrigerator.

this year, i will try other kinds of sushi besides california rolls.

this year, i will run an entire mile. without stopping.

this year, i will complete no less than 365 miles.

this year, i will learn how to swim without holding my nose under water. or making funny faces. apparently i am hilarious to my husband because i squish my face in order to hold my nose without hands. i think it is talent. but i really want to learn how to swim correctly.

this year, i will send more handwritten notes.

this year, i will work work on making my hugs less awkward.

this year, i will get up and out of bed the first time the alarm clock goes off.

this year, i will read 10 books.

this year, i will complete a half-marathon.

this year, i will not crumble into a million pieces when our hawks (henry and henrietta) eat one (probably more) of our chickens. note: we don’t have chickens yet, but we are thinking pretty seriously that this spring we will get them. we do have a family of hawks. i am already trying to build of strength.

this year, i will passionately kiss my incredibly handsome husband every. single. day.

this year, i will eat like a vegetarian 3 days every week. (9 meals a week)

this year, i will go to chicago for a guatemala reunion. no excuses!

this year, i will try to have more confidence in myself and my talents. this translates into participating in craft shows, etc.

so tell me, did you make resolutions this year? what are they?