weekly menu

last week we did pretty well with sticking to our weekly plan. after a trip to our whole foods and the discovery of gluten-free hot dog buns we promptly ate as natural as you can find whole food hot dogs for dinner, moving the bbq chicken pizza to today for lunch. i haven’t eaten a hot dog in 3+ years. it was a treat!

thank you all for sharing your weeks! i don’t know what it is, but i love reading what everyone is cooking/eating. it gives me great ideas! wren, i must have the recipe for the cheesy quinoa and spinach casserole. melissa and susan intrigued me with their pepsi pot roast. ladies, please share!

we just finished up with our budget and i am trying to eat out of our pantry. of course, we just went to whole foods yesterday to stock up of seafood and meats so this week won’t be too difficult.

lunch: bbq chicken homemade pizza
dinner: ginger glazed mahi mahi with basmati rice and green beans

(meatless) monday:
breakfast: slim-fast chocolate shake with fresh banana smoothie
lunch: greek yogurt, keifer fruit smoothie
dinner: kitchen-sink quesadillas
dessert: apple tart with vanilla frozen yogurt

breakfast: keifer fruit smoothie
lunch: greek yogurt, garden burger wrap
dinner: chicken and sweet potatoes with shallots (recipe from this month’s real simple magazine)

breakfast: greek yogurt and banana
lunch: slim-fast chocolate shake
dinner: shrimp curry over brown rice

breakfast: fruit smoothie
lunch: greek yogurt and banana
dinner: huevos rancheros with bbq black beans

breakfast: slim-fast chocolate shake
lunch: greek yogurt, garden burger wrap
dinner: gingerbread pancakes

breakfast: greek yogurt
lunch: out in carrboro
dinner: baked shrimp in tomato sauce over rice
dessert: baked apples

in greensboro with my family to celebrate my birthday!

what will you all be having this week?