yes, i do fail

you all are so kind with your comments and emails. often times proclaiming how talented you think i am. i blush. often. my husband laughs. he is witness to when i fail. i don’t often share those moments. but i am going to share my latest project disaster and a little secret.

my secret is, i have no idea what i am doing behind a sewing machine. i have never taken lessons. i have never followed a pattern. i just go with it. sometimes it works and sometimes not. this weekend, not. i really, really wanted to make a canvas hobo style handbag. i made my embellishments, a heart and the word “love” written with embroidery. i was excited. it was a fail. a huge fail. the lining went wrong. the shape was a disaster. i don’t even want to talk about the handles. i was trying to make a bag with one shoulder strap and ended up with 4 handles! 4! how is that even possible?! insert meltdown sunday night. you see this is why my husband laughs.

i just loved the heart and my embroidery and didn’t want to trash the whole thing. so this is what i came up. i am actually pretty happy about it. and it is perfect for this time of year. hint hint … valentine’s day.

it gives our mantel a more handmade feel which just makes my heart so happy. my husband thinks i should sell these too. what do you all think?

so i discovered a couple of things this weekend pre and post meltdown. 1) i am going to ask for sewing lessons for my birthday 2) i am going to buy a pattern 3) sometimes things don’t turn out how you planned, sometimes they turn out better.