2 new restaurants that i love

the general store cafe in downtown pittsboro is beyond amazing. i can’t believe it has taken me almost a year to try this restaurant out. they have live music some nights. they have a “burrito bash” night. their menu changes depending on the season but they also have a base menu of the favorites. everything is organic and natural, including their meats. i went with the energy bowl. it was brown rice topped with squash, zucchini, carrots, fresh greens, baked marinated tofu, organic pinto beans, and roasted baby tomatoes. it had a side of sesame ginger sauce that was out of this world. the whole time i was eating i was thinking that this is probably the most healthy i have ever eaten at a restaurant. it was vegan and it was delicious.

the husband went with a special. i had a taste and it was amazing. he definitely was a member of the clean plate club. he got the antibitotic and hormone free beef tenderloin with the most amazing red wine gastrique and sauteed mushrooms and mashed potatoes.

needless to say, each of my taste buds were awake and alive saturday night. AND we had a coupon. we looked at their brunch menu and i am already thinking about when we will be going back.

a couple weekends ago we made a trip into raleigh. we discovered a wonderful restaurant called bella monica. they had an extensive gluten-free menu including dessert. all their gluten-free products had each ingredient listed and was made by hand. i got the gluten-free stuffed pasta shells. they were amazing. we shared the flourless chocolate cake for dessert. super yum!

i love finding new restaurants, especially ones that are healthy and gluten-free friendly.