29 things

29 things you absolutely don’t need to know about me. these 29 things are not in any order. well, just the order that they popped in my head.

happy birthday me.

i love the smell of the ocean. i love “hole in the wall” local restaurants at the beach.

i love everything about snow. (i love walking in the snow. i love playing in the snow. i love snow ball fights. i love making snowmen. i love to look at it from my window. i love to catch it on my tongue. i love snow cream. i even love the smell of snow.)

i am very messy and i like things neat.

my husband is my best friend.

i use foul language. probably too much. (i feel that acceptable words like ‘stupid’ are more dangerous than the ‘foul language’ words deemed inappropriate by society.)

i believe in karma.

i love my cat milo. after our female cat, sadie, was hit and killed by a car, i became less attached to milo. i kept him at an emotional distance. one that i am still catching myself doing.

i am short. i am okay with this.

i love everything related to my kitchen. baking. cooking. canning. i don’t like cleaning dishes.

i always come up with clever retorts to rude or obnoxious comments. the next day.

i lived with an amazing family in guatemala. i miss them. i miss learning about other cultures. i miss learning first hand that every culture has its strengths.

my favorite place is home.

i am tremendously sad that gays and lesbians are treated like second class citizens in this country and are not allowed to marry. i believe with all my heart that our children will look back at this moment with disbelief the same way we looked at our parents when learning about the civil rights movement.

i am cynical and skeptical. are those the same thing?

i always hope for the best.

i love to laugh. i love the “church giggles.” when you start giggling at inappropriate times and you just can’t stop yourself.

i question organized religion. a lot.

i love my dog sam. he sleeps at my feet or on my legs every night because our cat sleeps in the dog bed.

i have a deep sadness that is present everyday.

i hate my teeth. i am scared to make the orthodontist appointment.

i don’t think i am beautiful. my husband thinks i am.

i think i am funny.

i love game night with family and/or friends. love it.

my husband thinks i am hard on people. i think he is right. but so far i haven’t changed. i have idealistic expectations that most people can’t live up too.

i love creating and making things.

i hate eating at chain restaurants when i am visiting a new place. there are very few chain restaurants i like eating at in my own town.

i have a journal that i write in. it drives my husband crazy that he doesn’t know where it is.

i write a letter to my husband every wedding anniversary. he doesn’t know this.

i am beginning to like myself. it is a very slow process.