a name fit for a queen

i am surrounded by hilarious people. every single one of you have made me smile. seriously, thank you all for participating and giving your name suggestions. i loved reading all your names!!

here are the runner up names that made me laugh out loud.

“bruno” – submitted by anji. hilarious on many,many levels. i really fought for this name to be chosen but since we both had to agree, bruno didn’t win.

“royal bee-atch” and “queen biatch” were submitted more than once by people. i laughed. but i can’t introduce our queen bee as such in front of in-law, parents, or grandparents. i would be horrified. but still very funny. and obviously a crowd favorite.

“weeza” – submitted by my dear mother. i love steel magnolias and i love, love, love the character weeza. i also fought for this name. but my husband has never seen the movie and didn’t understand. he rejected. i gave him a pouty face.

matthew, jeremy and kathy gave us a history lesson with their name choices. i loved it!!

but we could only choose one winner. drumroll please ….

“queen latifah” submitted by bonnie! we will call her latifah because she already knows she is the queen. obviously. but we both laughed when we were reading the names. consistently, each time we laughed. so latifah it is.

what do you win?

a jar of creamed honey! bonnie, let me know what flavor you would like … strawberry, blackberry, cinnamon, or originaly creamed honey.


YEAH!!!! ROCK ON!!! People will respect that hood yet classy queen more importantly, the bee posse because nobody messes with Queen Latifah. Cremed honey...this feels too good to be true. I think I want the jar with cinnamon. Make more contests. This excites me inside my little cubicle more than you want to know.