a special cape for a little boy turning 3

first, i completely apologize for the horrible pictures. i didn’t ask my photographer aka my husband to take pictures before he left for work this morning. i have tried using his camera and i usually get in trouble.

i absolutely love it and am so happy with the way it turned out. i am seriously thinking about making a cape for all birthdays, both adults and kids. a cleaning house cape. a cooking cape. a laundry cape. a going to work cape. okay, that may be a stretch. so what do you all think?

i haven’t decided if i am going to put it up in my etsy shop. i am on the fence. if you like it and think it is something you or someone else would buy leave me a comment. (obviously you don’t actually have to buy it to vote that you would.)

this etsy item will be or not be completely based on your feedback! so let me hear you …