attitude adjustment

i am not sure if this will be comforting or upsetting for my parents to read because it is true, after all of these years, i STILL have days when i desperately need an attitude adjustment. my funk started last night. it has continued into the morning. this is just a no good ‘tude i am rocking. it is good for no one. especially me.

i found this on the internets (click to find its original source). it is going to be my mantra today, tomorrow, if i am lucky, all week.

i am trying to find balance. when i am feeling balanced i am feeling well. like all of you with jobs inside or outside of the home, responsibilities, personal goals, relationship goals, etc. my little shop is doing tremendously well. i just got an order of 20 hair clips. that is insane. the thing is, before my business i had a routine of housework and cooking and workout time. i had plenty of time for it all. lately that routine has been no more. i am out of balance. don’t get me wrong, this is all amazingly happy, exciting stuff going on but it means i haven’t made homemade bread or homemade chicken pot pie and the floors are so gross and the pile of clothes needing to be steamed is epic. i will find better balance. i will find a new routine. i will try to worry less. and then. maybe i can shake this attitude.