i can’t keep a gift a secret

it is true. i am the worst. i will get my husband a gift and i can never wait until the actual day to give it to him. now don’t get me wrong, he never complains, but i would like to be a little more sneaky! oh well.

we don’t normally give valentine’s day gifts. a card maybe. i usually will bake something heart shaped. we definitely celebrate the day but just don’t really buy gifts. i found an etsy shop (click here) that i fell in love with and immediately wanted to get my husband a gift. well, valentine’s day is the next gift giving event so there. i did it. unfortunately, i couldn’t wait until the 14th to give it to him. as soon as it came in the mail i gave it to him. that is how excited i was.

have i built up enough suspense? husband loves riding his mountain bike. i love silhouettes. i found a guy that makes custom silhouettes that aren’t your traditional head profile. i framed it with a solid black frame and i think it looks great! i sent the artist a picture of my husband on his bike and then my profile and voila! the etsy shop is “paper cuts by joe” and i can’t say enough nice things about working with him and the quality of work. go check him out here!

what do you all do to celebrate valentine’s day?