i think i am ready

for spring. i know. i am the last one that seems to be enjoying all of this snowy, cold winter. i am reluctantly admitting my encouragement of spring to come.

i blames these pictures …

(reminder, must buy hammock this year. must.)

i blame planning an early beach trip. i am really excited about seeing family that i don’t see nearly enough of.

i also blame our garden planning. we have the cutest, most adorable little sprouts in our little greenhouse by the window. seriously, i love them.

i blame buying pecan trees and planting them. i know it will be years before they look like this …

but i am ever so excited about them. i am imagining lots of kids running around with the dogs (yes, plural), chickens, and with pails in hand finding pecans all over the ground. in this dream of mine, milo (our cat) is sitting in the window wondering how all of this crazy happened. my husband is probably sitting next to him wondering the same thing.

i am deciding on apple trees to plant. a fig tree is on its way.

i blame us taking a beekeeping class. i am not as scared as i once was. i am still a bit, but i think a little fear is a good thing. “respect the bees, they will respect you” is my new mantra.

you see, with so much to look forward to this spring, it is hard to hang on to winter. right now, it is so cold and for the first time i am not a fan of being cold. the sun is out today and that is a good start.

so i am reluctantly ready. ready to say goodbye to the most wonderful winter and hello to spring.