last night

whew! what a night! if you a friend on facebook you knew the excitement we were having last night but i wanted to tell the whole story for those of you that just read the blog.

it all started yesterday afternoon around 4pm. i was getting ready to head out to the gym to meet the husband. when i was bringing sam in i noticed a work van that had gotten stuck at the bottom of the hill on our property, almost in the creek. there was also a flatbed truck trying to get the work van out that had also gotten stuck. well, i quickly assessed that i wasn’t going to be able to get past the flatbed so i canceled the gym outing. i urged husband to come home too. he wisely listened to me and decided to park at the top up the hill and walk home. here sam, milo (on the bed) and i are watching and waiting for daddy to come home.

by this time the flatbed managed to get the work van on its bed and attempted to make it up the hill. fail. it slid cockeyed a bit before just stopping somewhere in the middle. husband and i took shovels and offered help. they flatbed driver had already called for help from a fellow tow truck driver. during one of the attempts the flatbed blew a tire. it was rainy and nasty and after they gave up on the shovels we returned home. this was about 7ish.

the tow truck arrives and after lots of yelling, he also gets stuck. unable to get up the hill. they meet up at the corner and neither driver wanting to attempt our hill again. around 10 or so we ventured back out offered coffee and snacks. they were so nice but completely exhausted and miserable. they told us they called in a backhoe to get them out. we said good luck and offered restrooms and phone lines and headed inside.

around 11:30 or so we looked out the window and saw this scraping and doing whatever it is that backhoes do ….

they made it out and we went back to bed. i am pretty sure those guys won’t be coming back this way again.

so yeah, we live on a big hill. it is still completely covered in snow and ice. i am staying in until i can see the ground. so what all did you guys do last night?