menu this week, my birthday week

that is right ladies and gents (are there any gents that read my blog?) it is officially my birthday week. all weekend i have been telling my husband that god really does love me because for my birthday he gave me what i love so very much. SNOW! of course, this is an out for my husband because how can he top god. to help in his quest i assembled an amazon cart full of goodies that i would just love!

last week we didn’t completely stick to the menu due to the snow fun. why is it all i want to do is cook and eat while snowed in? is it just me? i woke up saturday morning ready to make pancakes, then chili for dinner, then chocolate chip cookies for the husband and a delicious mug of hot chocolate (mexican style) for me.

i will also be canning some this week. we have birthdays coming up for several guys in my family. i have been struggling with what to get guys. i am thinking all men love food and my apple butter and banana strawberry jams were a hit during christmas (i didn’t give any to these guys), so i may be sneaking some jams and jellies into a gift basket for them.

this week we will be getting back on a healthy track with a few bumps for birthday celebrations! best part about this menu is that it requires no grocery shopping! (well, i will probably need milk. we have been drinking so much since we switched to the glass jar mapleview brand. seriously, i don’t even like milk.)

lunch: leftover chili with bread
dinner: jerk chicken homemade pizza with mushrooms

meatless monday: (dylan will be home and pancakes have been requested)
brunch: blueberry pancakes
dinner: huevos rancheros with bbq black beans (we ate these last week and super YUM! they were so quick to assemble and so very good!!)

breakfast: slim fast shake
lunch: greek yogurt with peanut butter and banana sandwich
dinner: baked quinoa with spinach and cheese

breakfast: oatmeal with raisins
lunch: fruit smoothie with greek yogurt
dinner: (from last week) baked shrimp in tomato sauce over pasta

breakfast: slim fast shake
lunch: greek yogurt with fruit smoothie
dinner: chicken, corn, and potato chowder

breakfast: slim fast shake
lunch: greek yogurt and garden burger
dinner: leftover chicken chowder

nothing planned to come out of my kitchen that is cooked by me! today is my birthday!!

lunch: birthday celebration at pf changs! (gluten free tofu lettuce wraps here i come!)
dinner: chicken and vegetable pot pie, one to eat and one to freeze

so what will you be having this week?


The apple butter and strawberry banana jams were a big hit at my house! I was happy to find out that my attempt at apple butter at least tasted like yours even though I got the consistency all wrong.I'm trying a new recipe this week for great northern bean soup with sweet potatoes and collards. This will be an experiment because I've never cooked collards before. The recipe is from which is run by a lady from Raleigh. It's all about eating healthy but not spending much money.