more snowy fun

our snowy home. first snow. so. much. fun. here are more pictures and one more video.

fun for all of us.

posing with my boy.

waiting for daddy. we were ready to sled!

the creek behind our home. of course sam found his way to it. it was 30 degrees and he still wants to go swimming. silly silly boy.

it is a big hill.

sam likes to run next to us when we are sledding. every time i would squeal he would jump in front of the sled. not the smartest thing to do but definitely the sweetest.

those are definitely happy feet and ears playing in the snow. i think husband was resting from climbing up the hill.

we went down many times together. it was more fun and scary that way.

sigh. he is such a cutie.

and one more video. just for fun. because they make us laugh. i hope they make you do the same. here i was at the bottom of the hill and i really did think husband was going to crash into me. especially when he yells “watch out!” (you can click the arrows that make the square to make the video bigger)