olympic thoughts, so far.

have you all been watching? we definitely have. technically speaking, we did flip back and forth between american idol and the prime time olympics last night. so what stories are you talking about?

for me here are the highlights so far …
- we were pulling super hard for the chinese husband-and-wife team, who came out of retirement to make a fourth and final attempt at winning gold. and they did. they were amazing to watch.

- speed skating is always exciting. i am always pulling for apolo ohno. the whole electric zamboni’s debacle was ridiculous. but i would like to say something, in my opinion. turn away if you don’t want to read it because it can be considered controversial. ready … i am not a fan on shani davis. i know, go team usa. but no. i am not a fan. i won’t be pulling for him. i have several reasons. and that is all i have to say about mr. davis.

- last night was the men’s short program in figure skating and can i just say one thing, the spins from stephane lambiel from switzerland. just watching made my head spin. and that plushenko. seriously, his half mullet/half bowl cut? what is going on? seriously.

- i loved the piece on the polar bears. technically not olympic related but it was shown during the prime time olympic coverage. i have added going to churchill, canada to my bucket list.

what are you favorite moments so far?


Only watched a little bit (latter part of the men's short program), but enjoyed it. I love watching Johnny Weir. No one has ever embraced flamboyance to greater effect! I don't care if he's not technically the best skater, he is definitely the most fun to watch, and I like that he is true to himself and sometimes does things that are unconventional. Some of the top skaters may be perfect, but I feel like their hearts are in it enough. Lysochek was also great. And it's tough to watch the guys who really crashed and burned -- imagine working so hard for so long and then blowing your performance in front of the whole world! I agree with Button, even though it sounds hokey -- I hope that everyone skates their very best, and we'll be happy for all of them. I'm torn between wanting an American to win and pulling for the Canadian - he's got so much pressure on him, I'll just be stressed out on his behalf if he doesn't win gold!