our newest addition

we have had a difficult time finding the perfect, healthy puppy for our home. if you are a long time reader of the blog you know it has taken over a year, but this is truly a lesson in patience. we found the sweetest family that lives on a farm with goats, horses, and more. we waited until spring and we are so excited to share with you all that in april this precious little lady will be joining our home. (seriously, there is already enough testosterone around here!)

i introduce you to martha stewart, of course. she is a great pyrenees. i first fell in love with this breed at my aunt anne’s farm in tennessee. i have wanted a dog that i could name martha stewart for so long. in this picture she is 2 weeks old. all together … awww!

the family that we are getting the dog from is already calling her by her name! here she is with her sister. i already asked and the husband said no to her sister and the baby goats.

we are beyond excited and between martha stewart and the bees all arriving in april, it looks to be a very fun-filled spring!