weekly menu, a day late

disclaimer: this menu is going to be pretty boring if you were looking for new recipe ideas! last week i was completely spoiled and hardly cooked. we have been doing really well with eating at home, simply avoiding the dreaded question of do you want to cook or go out. seriously, that is a loaded question if there ever was one! because of eating out so much last week, this weeks menu is looking a lot like last.

meatless monday:
lunch: spaghetti noodles with diced tomatos, basil, and garlic (7 mile run tonight!)
dinner: baked quinoa with spinach and cheese

breakfast: slim fast shake
lunch: greek yogurt with peanut butter and banana whole grain sandwich
dinner: crock pot sante fe chicken with rice

breakfast: oatmeal with raisins
lunch: fruit smoothie with greek yogurt
dinner: baked shrimp in tomato sauce over pasta

breakfast: slim fast shake
lunch: greek yogurt with fruit smoothie
dinner: chicken, corn, and potato chowder

breakfast: slim fast shake
lunch: greek yogurt and garden burger
dinner: leftover chicken chowder

breakfast: greek yogurt
lunch: out
dinner: smoked turkey and apple whole grain panini (i won’t be using brie, not a big fan. i will probably use what i have on hand which looks to be some jack.)

lunch: pumpkin pancakes
dinner: whole grain (no wheat for me!) homemade veggie pizza (omitting the olives)

my shopping list for this week is just: (hint: it would be wonderful if the hubby could pick these items up :0)
2 red peppers
1 green pepper
6 cans of black beans, no salt added
2 jars marinara sauce

i have a homemade bread baking question … do you have a favorite whole grain/wheat bread recipe? even if it is wheat, i can make the substitutions but so far i have not found one that has turned out well for me. i would love to find a honey and oat type recipe.

have a wonderful week!