welcome february

i really want to accomplish my resolutions/goals this year. so i have to remember what they are. makes sense right? so it is february 1 and i wanted to review and update my progress.

my resolutions for 2010:
this year, i will try to not let things go bad in the refrigerator.
sadly, a package of romaine lettuce went bad. and fresh pineapple. i blame the pineapple on my husband. the romaine lettuce was all me.

this year, i will try other kinds of sushi besides california rolls.
i haven’t had the opportunity to go out for sushi.

this year, i will run an entire mile. without stopping.
i am almost there. i can feel it. saturday i will be run/walking 7 miles. my longest distance yet. i was looking at the calendar and march 27th is quickly approaching. i may be scared. yep. i am scared. but really excited.

this year, i will complete no less than 365 miles.
in january, 31 days, i completed 45 miles. shocking! pretty impressive if i do say so myself.

this year, i will learn how to swim without holding my nose under water. or making funny faces. apparently i am hilarious to my husband because i squish my face in order to hold my nose without hands. i think it is talent. but i really want to learn how to swim correctly.

i have taken a couple of water aerobic classes but have yet to swim correctly.

this year, i will send more handwritten notes.
i have handwritten notes that go out with my etsy orders but aside from that not at all. i need to get on this.

this year, i will work work on making my hugs less awkward.

still awkward.

this year, i will get up and out of bed the first time the alarm clock goes off.
i do love snoozing.

this year, i will read 10 books.
i am reading “living with chickens” and “marathoning for mortals.”

this year, i will complete a half-marathon.
it is quickly approaching. i also signed up for a 4-miler in chapel hill on april 10th, a couple weeks after my half marathon. i am definitely crazy but it is keeping me motivated.

this year, i will not crumble into a million pieces when our hawks (henry and henrietta) eat one (probably more) of our chickens. note: we don’t have chickens yet, but we are thinking pretty seriously that this spring we will get them. we do have a family of hawks. i am already trying to build of strength.
we are thinking next year will be the year we get chickens. there is so much to learn and i think this will be the year where we really focus on our garden. and get a puppy. i am not sure i can handle a puppy and a dozen chickens.

this year, i will passionately kiss my incredibly handsome husband every. single. day.

this year, i will eat like a vegetarian 3 days every week. (9 meals a week)
this has actually been pretty simple. i hardly ever eat meat for breakfast or lunches and for dinners meatless mondays have been super fun and yummy. i found greek yogurt with has 14g of protein per serving and i usually eat that a couple times a day.

this year, i will go to chicago for a guatemala reunion. no excuses!
i must. i just must.

this year, i will try to have more confidence in myself and my talents. this translates into participating in craft shows, etc.
i looked into some craft shows. does that count?

so tell me … how are you doing with your 2010 goals?


I'm so excited about your amazing progress so far. I'm training for my first half marathon too (March 7) and I am also very scared. I believe both of us can be successful. Also, just a suggestion...but shrimp tempura rolls (and the various versions of) are some of my fave sushi along side the CA roll.Good luck on all of your endeavors this year! :)Lauren


I think you should do the ten miler. Forget the four miles. You'll already have the half marathon under your belt by then and ten miles will be a walk in the park! :D