current thoughts that make me smile

thank you all for your comments yesterday. each one meant so much. for you to take the time to comment touches my heart.

i found these and they are going to be my mantra today.

sounds cheesy. but isn’t smiling the best. laughing so hard that you have to run to the bathroom. (i know i am not the only one!) i want to laugh like that today. it is my goal.

i struggle with this everyday. every single day. “once i have a baby, i will be happy.” “once i hit my goal weight, i will be happy.” “after all the walls are painted colors i like, i will be happy.” the list can go on and on.

i am doing so much better with this. most days i recognize and am thoughtful of the fact that we are so happy here. in this moment. but some days i just need a kick in the pants and to be told it is easy to overlook the possibility that happiness is already here.

when i go to bed crying because all i want is a healthy pregnancy, this is when i need those reminders.