easily distracted

spring is finally here and we have been on the go ever since. i am not complaining. bee field school was an absolute blast. i was super scared in the beginning. but by the end, i had our protective gear folded under one arm and i was holding a bee frame (with bees on it) with the other. i know! i am bad ass. in that moment at least. i did get stung once. but i totally lived. and we are completely excited for april 10th to get here.

i am balancing working on etsy orders and creating an inventory for the craft fair. the craft fair is only going to be one day, saturday april 17th. it is in greensboro and i would love to see my blog readers come out to say hello! i will post more details a little closer to the date.

what i really want to do however is this …

aren’t these pillowcases divine! click on the image to go to her etsy shop. i don’t even remember how i stumbled across the shop but i am in love. maybe it is because i am so sleepy, but i really want to push everything else (garden painting, bee hive painting, etsy orders, triple coupon time, and craft fair stocking) aside. oh i should also clean. but that is always pushed to the back burner.