finished baby quilt

my first baby quilt. i loved making it. i got a little frustrated when it came to picking out which blocks will go where. i guess that is the flip side of not following a pattern. it was simple, colorful, and fun. i can’t wait to make more!

this was my gift to a friend having a little boy in may. i included a tie onesie for their nc state football games!

for the back i just added a couple of red strips. i love the contrasting colors of red and white.

there is just something pretty darn wonderful about a spring day, a white rocking chair, and a handmade quilt.

we have a super busy weekend ahead, full of fun activities! lunch with friends, running group, bee field day, and a dinner birthday celebration with family. i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


This is sooo beautiful! Oh and P.S. the NCSU tie is AMAZING...