green lovin’

i do love the color green. i found this lovely picture in my google reader this morning.

(click picture see original source)

something about it made me remember guatemala and my four hour spanish lessons every afternoon. it was my favorite part of the day. there is my little table. one on one with sonia. my spanish tutor. most of the four hours was spent sharing our completely different lives with one another. finding the similarities and being amazed at the vast differences.

i think i learn better when i am outside. in the sun. it is soothing. there is no way i could spend four hours on one subject sitting indoors under florescent lights.

the best days were when we went into town to “practice” my spanish. basically we went shopping and ate lots of el helado (ice cream). i miss sonia. i miss my family in guatemala. it is amazing really. i have blocked out the parasites and the extreme home sickness. my memories are of the relationships i formed. pulling yourself out of your comforts is definitely an experience i highly recommend and i hope to do again.

i will also recommend not getting a parasite.