he makes me smile

my dog. he does. we are seriously bff. yesterday was a hard day for several reasons. one being i had my first orthodontist appointment. the second being it was one week ago that i stayed the night with my grandfather the night he passed.

as i walked past our living room window looking out towards our backyard i saw this.

i immediately started laughing. i went to the other window to see if i could get a better view. i found this.

so yeah, my dog. he cracks me up just when i need to get out of my mind and just laugh. speaking of laughing …

my orthodontist appointment when GREAT! i write a lot about expectations and how i usually am bummed out. but this time my visit far exceeded my expectations. for some history … i hate the spaces in my teeth. i have tooth envy of almost everyone i am around. the man of the house gave me an incentive for going to the dentist and getting all the work i did at the end of last year, go to the dentist now and next year (yeah insurance!) i can go to an orthodontist.

so there i was. i really wanted invisalign. i didn’t want braces. but i walked in open minded (really expecting braces based on what my dentist had told me) and willing to do whatever it took to have the smile i have always wanted.

drum roll …

i am a candidate for invisalign!! 9 months will be the ideal, 12 months will be the longest. worst case scenario, after 9 months my teeth are not responding the way they should, 4-6 months of braces. best case scenario, 9 months and i am done. if i went the braces route it would be a full 22 months. so there wasn’t much of a decision. even with the worst case scenario, it is less time. invisalign isn’t going to be as easy as i thought. it is going to be pretty painful. every two weeks a new mouth plate which means lots of pain. but it is 9 months. i am super excited!

i am already dreaming up a “perfect smile” party in my future!


That's awesome, Kelsi! Good luck with it.


Kelsi! I love your dog. And, from someone who wore braces for 2 years, I'd definitely take the 9 months even if it meant a little more pain! It will all be worth it in the end! Braces hurt, too, so I don't think there's ever an easy route to getting that perfect smile! I can't wait to see the end result! :) (And I just love reading your blog!)