monday morning happiness

spring is most definitely here. we couldn’t be happier. my morning walk with sam was especially wonderful. i grabbed the camera to capture our weekend progress in the yard and in the house.

lots of work in the garden. some seeds were transplanted from their little greenhouse inside to their designated squares. onions, spinach, and peppers. yum! i see omelets in my future! we finished the front gate and added a “welcoming” housewarming gift from my dad and stepmom. we also added post caps. on the four corners the caps are solar lights! it looked so cool last night.

the husband planted the 3 apple trees. red delicious, golden delicious, and fuji.

the iris bulbs are peaking out. along with sam trying to find his way into the photograph.

the hawk was in the front yard making lots of noise. sam decided my daffodils would be a perfect spot to sit and watch.

since he broke a couple, i decided to bring them inside. now they are sitting in my craft room and making me so very happy.

oh do you see my new flea market find? i love jars. old mason, ball, whatever. if they are old, chances are i will love them. my newest obsession is the blue aqua ball jars thanks to my antique loving aunt. but i have never seen a lavender one. i do believe my heart skipped a beat when i saw it.

and those aqua jars … saturday they found a new home. in my kitchen. my aunt gave me one for my birthday. then a trip to the flea market i quickly started a collection. i even found a wide mouthed one!

the blue that changes shades depending on the sun. those zinc lids that make the kitchen feel so rustic and old. sigh. i am in love.

i hope you all find happiness in your monday!