our fast weekend

we took a quick trip to asheville this weekend. we packed in a lot. a 14 mile bike route (the husband), peony flower crafting from the hammock (me), lots of visiting with grandmothers, walks around a park with the pup, visiting our new pup martha stewart, downtown strolling and good eating. we are super tired but wouldn’t have traded a single second.

pre-trip cleaning. i hate coming home to a dirty house. so as i am cleaning and packing and getting stuff together, i find my sam here …

we stayed a this cute house up in the trees. it was a small loft that was pet friendly.

saturday was sunny and beautiful! we walked around downtown a bit. i do love it here.

we decided on tupelo honey cafe for lunch. we were not disappointed at all. i ordered a goat cheese and veggie omelet with goat cheese grits. seriously. i love goat cheese. and that is probably an understatement.

sunday it was rainy and just gross outside. that couldn’t stop us from making the short trip to see our new little girl, martha stewart.

she was a bit tired from playing in the mud before we got there. she has lots of goats and her sister to play with. she is such a fluff ball! so sweet. we met her parents and we are beyond thrilled to have her come home in just a couple of weeks.

here she is cuddling with a 2 week older pup. martha stewart is the one in the back.

the owner is also selling goats. hmmm …


I love Asheville and Tupelo Honey. So many good places to eat! Where did you guys stay? Can you message me the info? I'd love to know of a pet friendly "cabin" in Asheville.