our girl at 3 weeks

sometimes you have to go with your instincts. i had such an amazing instinct about the family and the farm where we are getting martha stewart. it is really why we have waited so long. i knew they were the right fit for us. today i received the most kind email from the family and two sweet pictures. they absolutely made my morning and definitely brought a smile to my face.

thank you laila for you kindness.

so here is our girl, martha stewart, at 3 weeks. my aunt put it best, she is our very own baby polar bear. (if you know how big she will grow to be you understand. they really do look like little versions of polar bears!)

i can already see that her nickname is going to be m-stew. seriously. i don’t know why the guys in my life can’t accept calling her by her full name. it is a double name. we are in the south.

april can’t get here soon enough. we are beyond excited.