the first of march

march 1st. already! can you believe it? why is it when you are happy time just seems to fly? my down days are fewer and farther in between and with the sunshine coming through my window, it is hard to squint without smiling. so i do. i have been smiling a lot lately. the husband and i find ourselves sitting outside, working in the garden, walking around, and more sitting. we are so happy here. it isn’t how we pictured our life to be at 29 and 30″ish” and we don’t feel complete, but we are happy. so bring it march! i am ready for a new season. i want to move furniture around, i want to change my wall colors (and build a wall). i want to make new quilts,
and i’m excited that maybe spring is so close and it is just around the corner. although, i wouldn’t mind some snow this week because i do love snow days with the husband.

so with the beginning of the month comes a resolution check.

my resolutions for 2010:
this year, i will try to not let things go bad in the refrigerator.
sadly, i just cleaned out the refrigerator and several things had gone bad. i found a dip for fruit that was leftover from our new year’s eve party. seriously, gross.

this year, i will try other kinds of sushi besides california rolls.
i haven’t had the opportunity to go out for sushi.

this year, i will run an entire mile. without stopping.
i am almost there. i can feel it.

this year, i will complete no less than 365 miles.
in february, 28 days, i completed 35 miles. in total, 80 miles in 2010. shocking! pretty impressive if i do say so myself.

this year, i will learn how to swim without holding my nose under water. or making funny faces. apparently i am hilarious to my husband because i squish my face in order to hold my nose without hands. i think it is talent. but i really want to learn how to swim correctly.

have yet to swim correctly. i haven’t been swimming so much lately.

this year, i will send more handwritten notes.
i have handwritten notes that go out with my etsy orders but aside from that not at all. i need to get on this. pronto.

this year, i will work work on making my hugs less awkward.

still awkward.

this year, i will get up and out of bed the first time the alarm clock goes off.
i have been so much better at this! check off for the month of february!!

this year, i will read 10 books.
i haven’t done such a great job this month. i haven’t completed either “living with chickens” and “marathoning for mortals.”

this year, i will complete a half-marathon.
in november. i have decided to not run in the march 27th half-marathon, instead i am doing a couple more 4 milers and 5k’s and then in november attempt a half-marathon. i just don’t think i am ready. i know i could complete it (which is saying a lot), but i really want to do well. i don’t want it to kill me! so i am going to work on completing shorter distances in faster amounts of time and build up more endurance. this month has been difficult with major blisters and some achilles heel issues. my next race is in april, a 4-miler. i am already signed up and almost ready to go!

this year, i will not crumble into a million pieces when our hawks (henry and henrietta) eat one (probably more) of our chickens. note: we don’t have chickens yet, but we are thinking pretty seriously that this spring we will get them. we do have a family of hawks. i am already trying to build of strength.
we are thinking next year will be the year we get chickens. there is so much to learn and i think this will be the year where we really focus on our garden. and get a puppy. i am not sure i can handle a puppy and a dozen chickens.

this year, i will passionately kiss my incredibly handsome husband every. single. day.
check. he is seriously so cute.

this year, i will eat like a vegetarian 3 days every week. (9 meals a week)
this has actually been pretty simple. i hardly ever eat meat for breakfast or lunches and for dinners meatless mondays have been super fun and yummy. when we out at any asian restaurant i always order tofu. saturday night i had kung pao tofu and it was amazing!

this year, i will go to chicago for a guatemala reunion. no excuses!
i must. i just must.

this year, i will try to have more confidence in myself and my talents. this translates into participating in craft shows, etc.
i have signed up for my first craft show in april. whew! i made a list of all the items i am going to make. some new. some already listed in my etsy shop. i am working away trying to create inventory. i am super, super excited! i am designing a layout of my booth. so much to think about and it is all so fun! i have also been featured on a couple of blogs, one has 74 comments and reading all the comments/feedback has definitely been a confidence booster!

how are you doing on your goals/resolutions? recapping really helps to remind me what i wanted to accomplish.